Wedding in Bellagio, on Como Lake

Have you ever dreamed a wedding in Bellagio, on Lake Como?

We love Como Lake, we spent a lot of time here in the past years and we know this part of the world very well. We know hidden gems and treasures of this part of our country and we would love to share them with you.

In this shooting we wanted to let you discover a less famous part of the lake: Lake Como is not only classical villas and gardens, it’s full of nice fisherman villages and magical hidden spots to discover.


This shooting has been inspired by the traditions but with a modern touch. We went in a magical spot of Bellagio, called Pescallo, where the houses are covered by Canadian vine and the air is full of jasmine. Here, in the past, there was one of the most important fish market of all the lake. Now it’s full of mediterranean vegetation and flowers.

Pescallo is one of the most romantic place of the lake: in this little harbor you can hear the sound of the lake and breath the calm of this . You can meet the swans and spent some time on the little seaside with an amazing view on the lake and the mountain called Grigna.

Bride thoughts: an hidden world to discover

The photos are introspective, for a conscious bride that choose what she wants on her wedding day. Every bride has to express herself and what she feels inside. There’s no a right way of being a bride, you can be yourself. You don’t have to smile if you feel unnatural, you don’t have to follow a clichè.

The dress she wears is unconventional: a romantic and delicate interpretation of the boho, with a long skirt and a lace shirt. The style is powerful and feminine at the same time, one of the thing that we love most in Maura Brandino’s dresses. It’s totally perfect for a bride with a rock soul like Sara.

A wedding in Bellagio could be totally unconventional and crafted around you.

The video: a stream of consciousness

It was born as a stream of consciousness in images and is meant to be a reflection on the complexity of each of us.

One of the books that shaped Grace is Virginia Woolf’s “Waves”, a very current book, on the mutability of existence and on the relationship between interiority and reality.

“Waves ” follows a perfect musical rythm. So the sound of the video changes according to the emotions, up to a heart beating.

The repetition of some bride’s movements reflects the flowing of the memories.

We imagined a bride walking away from the party and carving out a small space to remember her places of the heart.

And nature becomes a refuge, the lake with its beauty calms the soul. And from here comes a reflection in the quiet that you were looking for, almost an identification with the landscape.

Musical inspirations

The video is also a modern tribute to the Swan Lake, it explores the duality of Odille and Odette, the white and the black swans, in everyone.

“ Swan Lake” by P.I.L. is also one of Grace’s favorite song, in wich Levene’s guitar plays Tchaikovsky and Johnny’s voice become disorienting.

How to organize a wedding in Bellagio

Would you get married in Bellagio? Let’s do something great together! Get in contact with us and start to plan something tailor made on you. Your wedding in Bellagio will be epic! We would love to share with your our insider tips, even about accomodation and boat tour, a must do on Lake Como.

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