Casa Presets: our review of the Art Pack

20 Febbraio 2019

Samuel and Pily are The Gernands, an amazing husband and wife team of photographers.

They’ve created a new set of Lightroom presets, called “Casa”.

Casa is where you feel comfortable and relaxed, is your home. And those presets have been developed with this idea.

As they say: “We embrace diversity.” And that’s why you can use the presets on every type of skin tone. 


We have tried the Casa Art and we could say that they’re amazing! So we’re going to share with you our test and our review.

In the Casa Art package you can find 7 presets ( 6 colors and one bw) and 4 tools, so we have a lot to talk.

Let’s go!


Casa Art 1

couple shooting in Milano
couple shooting in Milano

The tones are cool and they’re perfect for the underexposed photos and even for an airy look ( with the right customization of the preset) . Lights and the whites are on a low level and help you with the mood of the image. The shadows are amazing!


Casa Art 2

couple shooting in Milano

This preset desaturate your image and give you more contrast and sharpness. The green is delicate and not fluo, the white is bright.

Casa 1 and the 2 can help you with the skin tone, ’cause it’s more flat.

Casa Art 4

couple shooting in Milanocouple shooting in Milano

A low contrast and low blacks. It’s a sort of cinematic effect, it reminds us some kinds of film. The tone is warm and yellow.

Casa Art 5

couple shooting in Milano

It’s creamy and warm, really natural. The skin tone is totally respected. This preset is well balanced.

Casa Art 6

couple shooting in Milano

White is dominant in this preset. You can even find some orange, with the yellow. The contrast is higher.

Casa Art 7

couple shooting in Milano

This is the balck and white of the set. It’s contrasted, with a lot of black.


The tools give you the possibility to add grain to your shoots:

One ( called “sand”) is really materic, reminds us the super8 look.

The other one ( called “fairy dust”) is refined: we’ve used it combined with the preset number 7, the bw.


How to use this Lightroom Presets

Samuel and Pily say: “We worked hard to create presets that would help you find your own style. Presets that inspire you to create and develop your art.”

Every preset is a starting poin: you can’t apply a preset and think you’ve finished your work. It’s only the first step of the postproduction process that you develop with your personal style and sensibility.

We’re in love with Casa Art ’cause they leave you the possibility of work on the preset. This set is flexible and malleable, you can interpret different styles, from the airy to the moody. We think it’s great, because it doesn’t force you and it doesn’t impose you a style. 


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