Couple Shooting in Duomo Milano

Trang and his boyfriend are from Vietnam and they’re in love with movies and fashion. So we decided to tell their love story using an editorial style with some cinematic touches. 

The result is totally different from our other works, once again. Here the cinematographic reference was the movies of the Nouvelle Vague.

Trang decided to wear an oversized blazer, one of the trends of this winter, with a peaked cap that reminds the movie ” Il portiere di notte”. Her boyfriend has chosen a darker and essential look.

Nouvelle Vague is a big inspiration for us, we’re totally in love with the freedom and the freshness of this first revolutionary movement in the movie history.

We love the real-life that these movies described, the stories of a new way of living and thinking. In the Nouvelle Vague films,  you can even find a new way of being a couple, more modern and free. Godard and Truffaut have explored the love and the couples with a new spirit, just like the couple photography is doing in these years.

Sometimes the Nouvelle Vague seems of sort of intimate diary and that’s one of the ideas behind our shooting: we’ve imagined a sort of personal diary with the shoots of a city walking and some love words. It’s real memory recall, without a linear order, like in a dialogue between a couple seated in a cafè.

Our photographic cameras have been used like a pen that makes a scratch on the paper. We’we used the natural light, as always, just like in those movies. 

The Street Style in the postproduction

This time the postproduction is inspired by the street style. Trang and her boyfriend have reminded us of a moody street style with some grain.

Street style photographers like Scott Schuman of  “The sartorialist” are really famous now. Magazines like “Fruits” have been epic, a sort of deep addiction for all fashion lovers.

But photography has always been a medium for the documentation of the trend of a period. There are many photos that tell us the look of the punks ( we talked about this for an exhibition at Galleria Sozzani) or the mods and so on.

Even the paintings from the past have always documented the style and fashion of their period. Let’s think to the ladies in Boldini’s portraits or to the detailed portraits of English kings, just like Henry VIII,  as not missing references for every fashion history course.

So we felt that the street style was the best solution for a modern couple shooting in Milano, during the autumn period. It’s so atmospheric! And is perfect for the Nouvelle Vogue philosophy of the shooting.

Plan a Couple Shooting in Duomo

If you’re planning to visit Milano don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to plan your photoshoot.

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