Engagement at Villa Melzi: romance in Bellagio

Lake Como with Poppy and Sage

This week Emily McDonald from Poppy and Sage Photography has talked about us and Lake Como on her blog. It has been amazing: we talked a lot with her about the lake and our favorite places for shooting and for chilling. We love to share our tips for a good coffee, for a panoramic walk and for a romantic photo shooting with other kind humans.

We also shared with her a preview of a work, realized during the autumn at Villa Melzi in Bellagio.

Villa Melzi

Today we publish here the entire work and we’re really excited about it!!! It’s a bomb: a cinematic love story!

This is the story of Brenda and Jeremy, an amazing couple from Singapore. We shot their engagement between Milano and Bellagio, so we’ll talk about them in two posts.

We met in the early morning in Bellagio and we took a coffee: Brenda was incredible, in her long burgundy dress, and Jeremy was so classy in his suit. Their elegance were timeless and the barman was really astonished by us.

We reached Villa Melzi and we had a wonderful time together.

This work is based on a reflection born talking with Brenda and Jeremy about oriental culture and cinema. You can feel a moody atmosphere in the botanical gardens, a sort of intimate dialogue with the nature. That’s the japan inspired part of the engagement, a sort of tribute to the philosophy of Miyazaki, that we both love. It reflects the respect for nature of shinto and reminds us the autumn in Kyoto.

The neoclassical architetture of the Villa inspired us a geometrical style, more light and airy. The vibes are totally different here, even the body language of the couple is less confident. The atmosphere is oniric and lysergic like in a timeless dream.

We’re really proud of this engagement, we think it’s an innovative way to look at engagement and wedding photography.

Create with us your engagement at Villa Melzi

So if you are planning an Engagement at Villa Melzi Bellagio or you want to engage somewhere on Lake Como let’s read Poppy and Sage’s blog and discover our tips or contact us, we’ll make your dream come true! We want you to be yourself and we want to tell your story, we would love to find the right mood.

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