intimate couple photographer in Milan

Engagement in Brera, Milano

A lovely couple in love with Milano

A. and R. are an indian couple, and they live between Chicago, Illinois, and Kashmir, India. The inspiration for this shooting was our common love for Milano, a magic city for lovers.

They first met in Piazza Duomo and wanted to take some pictures right here. It was a bright day with a beautiful soft sunlight: Rufaida’s red dress was amazing, in contrast to the marble of the cathedral. This also happened in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, under the iron and glass roof.

The Botanical Garden

Then we took a walk from there and we reached the Brera Academy, to capture very moody and intimate shoots. Brera Academy is a breathtaking place, full of history and art and vibrant life courtyards.
One of the most beautiful and least known places in Milan is the “Botanical Garden”, a cozy green heart in the center of Brera. In the garden A. asked R. to marry him on a bench just before the dusk, surrounded by the greenery.

It has been a real pleasure for us to shoot this engagement in Brera, with a sweet and lovely couple!

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