Northern Italy Wedding Photographer: travel inspired wedding

Vintage and Modernity for a travel inspired wedding

Barbara and Simone are two travelers and they planned their wedding day around things they love: travels and vintage design.

When we firs meet Barbara and Simone we talked a lot about travels, photography and… Japan! We’re really happy that two photography lovers let us tell their wedding. When a couple believe in you, your work and your creativity you can create amazing works.

The wedding location was surrounded by greenery, with an old ivy-covered barn and a garden with a lot of fruit trees. It was the perfect setting for romantic shots, which tell the intimacy of this lovely couple.

But we also shooted some crazy photos! Barbara and Simone was inspired by one of our photo with the smoke bombs and so we planned a little session for a gif.

The location can be reached via a small country road with a stream. So we decided to shoot there the most creative and fun part of our work.We have therefore decided to enhance the rustic context of the location and we make some photos with the masks of wild animals: an owl and a wolf.

A super team

The team of this wedding was amazing.

Giulia Virzo is a super talented MUA and it has been a real pleasure for us  work with her. Her eye make-up is incredible! And she is also a great stylist!

Silvia Rubino‘s great ability is her sensitivity to color and textures: she can mix flowers and colors in unconventional and eye-catching ways. Her interpretation of travel is a balanced mix of vintage and modernity, with old luggages and drawers and modern metallic spheres. 

Wedding Wonderland

This wedding has been published on Wedding Wonderland! So we want to say a special “thank you!” to Elena for publishing our work!

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