couple shooting in Milano

An urban couple shooting at Fondazione Prada in Milano

We’re really excited to show you this new work! Last month we realized a breathtaking urban couple shooting in Fondazione Prada with two brilliant humans.

Bar Luce

Cassie and Ben live in the USA and during their first travel in Europe they have a dream: visit the ” Bar Luce”, here in Milano, and realize an amazing photoshoot inspired by the style of Wes Anderson, their favorite filmmaker. When Cassie and Ben write to us the first time we were really excited because this idea was amazing, we really love Wes too!

Bar Luce has been inspired by the traditional bar of the ’50 mixed with the love of Anderson for the symmetry of the composition.

Their love story is like a film: they first dated at the prom and then begin a romantic love story. They’re so in love, supporting each other everyday, smiling in everyday life and sharing the truest selves. We talked a lot about the true love drinking a coffee in this relaxing atmosphere, surrounded by pastel colors and furniture made in “formica”. It seems a meeting with two old friends!

Fondazione Prada

Fondazione Prada is a cool urban space, we’re totally in love with the geometry of this place. In the first years of ‘900 there was a distillery here, so there is an eclectic mix of old and new buildings. Here you can see the dialogue between old and new.

The Style

Before the shooting we have been obsessed with “Castello Cavalcanti”, we’ve seen it so many times! And we studied, again and again, Wes Anderson’s palettes. Our shoots are symmetric and create a dialogue with the urban architecture.

We should discuss a lot about the role of aesthetic in Wes style, the pleasure for the eyes that everyone can find in his symmetry and palette and someone would say that it’s simple to be popular using these elements. But his film is not only “beautiful”, just like our shooting. We used a style to tell a love story, but, behind the beautiful composition and the colors, the true center of every shoot is our couple.

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