Wedding at Villa Semenza

15 February 2023

This wedding at Villa Semenza has been absolutely intimate and unconventional.

Francesca and Matteo wanted to realize a big party, with family and friend. Francesca has chosen a modern and refined dress, with some embellishments on the pockets. She was free to move and dance and absolutely amazing!

The wedding was eco-friendly and with a special focus on the sustainability. The stationery and the wedding favors have been realized with recycled materials, like old cups of coffee and certified ethnic fabrics.

The atmosphere was a bit nostalgic and fanè. The garden was full of red hydrangeas, there were vintage colored velvet sofas everywhere.

It has started with a big aperitivo, full of “Italian spritz” and people seated on the grass without shoes, for an informal party. Everything was perfect with the analog dj Santa Fabbrica and his music.

In the late evening the lights over the courtyard was stunning and romantic, a great touch of coziness.

We can say that a wedding at Villa Semenza is perfect for an alternative couple, ’cause it can combine tradition and modernity.

A no poses wedding

This wedding totally reflect Francesca and Matteo, their big hearts and their sensibility. They’ve spent all the day with their families and friends, they’ve asked us a real reportage of their life and their being together.

We didn’t have posed photos of this wedding at Villa Semenza, we just documented love, music, fun and good food, shared with tons of love.

They’ve chosen quality time and relax, after a stressful period like the one after the pandemic era.

We’re so thankful for having such an honor and we’ll cherish those memories forever.



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