Wedding photographer Convento Annunciata

We first met Valentina one year ago at The Love Affair. She was interested in our works and in love with our philosophy, we felt a deep connection with her. She was looking for a new photographic style for her wedding, something really unconventional. But it has been a fast conversation and we were so curious to know more about her love story.

A few weeks later we met her boyfriend Franco and everything became clear: they were a super-powerful couple! Valentina is a strong and powerful woman, she always knows what she likes and wants. But she is also sweet and funny, she loves her friends and family. Franco is smart and funny too, he is deeply in love with Valentina and he believes in her. 

Their wedding has been perfect and full of happiness! They’ve chosen a super cool location: Convento dell’Annunciata, a 15th-century convent in Medole, closed to Lake Garda. We’re in love with this no time place full of beauty and peace.

Valentina spent some time in the afternoon with the makeup artist, the mother, and some friends. Then Silvia Valli helped her with the amazing light pink dress.

Franco was in the “Indian room”, a super moody room with some amazing Indian prints on the wall. He was surrounded by his friend.

Then they reached a little and charming church, with amazing frescos on the apse. The ceremony was simple but touching, the atmosphere was so intimate.

And so Valentina and Franco were married!!! And happy!

We came back to the Convento and we shot them in the area of the little lake, surrounded by the woods. It seems to be in a dream, the atmosphere was poetic and ethereal. 

Then family and friends reached the woods for the dinner: the table set was colorful and poetic, kind of vitaminic elegance. It’s like a dream to eat in a place like this!

Before the cake moment, the bride changed her dress and the party started!

In the first part, there was a live set by the Good Vibes, with a cigar bar. 

Then Jade started a fuel DJ set, with a cool bar, lighted with green neon.

Our work this time play with contrast. And our video is a bit crazy. Let’s have a look!

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