How to plan your Wedding Proposal in Italy

We know how you’re feeling: you desire to surprise your fiancé, you want to make an unforgettable proposal. But it must be a secret, she hasn’t to be involved.

You’re planning everything in the details and its’s not simple! You’ve bought a stunning ring, you’re writing your touching speech and you’re thinking at your stylish look.

As local photographer we can help you with the organization, so we’ve created a guide full of useful tips and ideas.


    The firs steps for the perfect engagement

    If you’re planning a proposal far away from home you have to keep in mind that you have to arrange everything before your flight date.

    Buy a ring

    Firs of all let’s buy an engagement ring and hide it from your girlfriend (that’s the most difficult part). Plan a budget and be sure of the right size.

    If you’re going to buy a diamond ring, remember to look at the carats and the cut. In this case you may go to a diamond district and have a look.

    There are also beautiful alternatives, like emeralds and morganite.

    Or you can choose a vintage ring, with a special connection with the past.

    If you have doubts, let’s look at her Pinterest or talk with her best friend.

    Write a speech

    If you want to make an epic proposal you can’t only answer “would you marry me?” to your fiancé, you have to touch her heart with romantic and meaningful words. You can be romantic or funny, you can use a quote from your favorite film, but the most important thing it that it has to reflect you. Choose the right way to propose you, your marriage proposal phrase must last forever.

    Plan the right outfit

    Your look is really important, not only for the engagement shooting, but also for create a cool atmosphere.

    You must wear something with a pocket, for the ring. Wear a jacket that make you to feel comfortable and a jeans.

    Choose a solid color, it’s basic and perfect for an engagement shooting.

    Ask a friend

    Ask your girlfriend’s best friend a little help. She’ll suggest her to keep a nice dress in the suitcase, she’ll go with her to a nail saloon before the departure.

    Be flexible

    Not always things go as we like, so be flexible! If something don’t follow your plan, change your mind. It can be rainy instead of sunny, she can be a little in late for a long shower, don’t rush your proposal and take your time. The perfect marriage proposal requires calm and a good organization, ahead of time.

    The most romantic places to propose in Italy

    Italy is full of beautiful landscapes. You can choose to engage hiking on the Alps, chilling out on a beach or walking at the sunset in an historical city.

    You need to find a location that is miningful for you two.

    Close your eyes and imagine where would you be with your girlfriend? What would you love to hear? The sound of the sea waves, the singing birds in the country yards or the silence on a rooftop full of snow?

    Lake Como

    Bellagio and Varenna are two of our favorite places on Lake Como. The narrow streets with cobble stone, the colored houses of the fisherman and the paths are amazing. And the villas, with their botanical gardens, are full of romantic spots. Branda and Jeremy, for example, decided to engage in Villa Melzi.


    She will say “yes” after a hiking in one of the most breathtaking place on earth.

    We’ve been on the Alps with Meg and Rob and we planned a proposal in a little church painted with frescos.

    5 terre

    Cinque terre are colorful, vibrant and full of romantic spots.

    She’ll answer yes in an isolated green panoramic view point, peak on the sea.

    You can even make a bath at the sunset, like Kathy and Mike


    Milano is a cool location for a proposal, you can be traditional and make it in front of Duomo, the iconic cathedral. Or you can look for an historical palace or a green park.


    Venice is the city of romance. You can rent a traditional boat called “Gondola”.

    And you’ll make your proposal speech surrounded by the sea and historical architecture. You can reach Rialto bridge, on the Grand Canal, at the sunset, and then drink a spritz with your bride to be.

    Amalfi Coast

    You can slow down and take your girlfriend on a panoramic terrace in Sorrento and make your proposal in front of the sea.


    At the sunrise the city is still sleeping but the light is really soft and the atmosphere is romantic. The Spanish Steps is the perfect place for your speech.

    Cool ideas for an unforgettable marry proposal

    OK, now you need to find something special that can make your engagement unique and unforgettable. Let’s talk about some of the coolest ways to propose.

    Vineyards Picnic

    Imagine you two walking in a vineyard, with your basket full of tasty traditional italian food and a bottle of wine. Then you’ll lay on the ground, talking and joking in a relaxing atmosphere.

    Bersi Serlini is one of the best vineyard in Franciacorta and is the perfect choice.

    City Rooftop

    Chilling on a rooftop at the sunset, drinking an aperitivo and looking the skyline of the city is stunning. Maybe you can buy her a bouquet with the flowers he loves.

    Ceresio 7, in Milano, is one of the coolest location of the city, with a panoramic pool and a selection of spirits.

    Boat tour

    Boat tour is so intimate and calming, with the air in your hair and clear water. By boat you can reach hidden panoramic spots with your girlfriend and give her the ring in a unique place. Your speech must result so poetic!

    Botanical Gardens

    During the springtime Botanical Gardens are perfect for a surprising proposal. Sometime you need permission for shooting in a botanical gardens, so be sure to check this before.


    You can choose to make a proposal on a beach involving other specialist and create a unique backdrop totally designed for you.

    Or you can simple take a walk, watching at the panoramic view, hands in hands.

    How can we help you to plan your wedding proposal in Italy

    You’re planning a marriage proposal, so you want to share your life with someone that is special and unique. You’re brave, a little crazy and surely romantic.

    We can help you to find the best background for your wedding proposal in Italy, we can suggest you the right outfit and make an amazing and unforgettable shooting to make this moment last forever.

    Get in contact with us and we’ll start the planning and a super cool journey together!

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